College Preperation

Gil Graham, former Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, reflects on his 14 years of teaching at Berklee:

"I saw a tremendous number of drummers enter Berklee College of Music terribly unprepared. They had no idea of the rigors of the Percussion Department, and were often so busy fulfilling classroom obligations that they found little time to practice drums. Many had been playing for a relatively short period of time, so, of course, their skills had not been honed yet. Consequently, most students entered the department's 2-year Required Lab Program. At Gil Graham's Drumming Preparatory School, I supply that same fundamental knowledge before college.
Students are then in a position to enter college at a higher level and take full advantage of what that school has to offer." Graduation from Drumming Preparatory School will give your son or daughter the foundation he or she needs to get the most out of a college music education.

Note to Parents: Gil Graham can help your student be prepared for college-level percussion program. Students often become disillusioned because students enter college with misconceptions and then discover that their expectations do not match those of the college. With good college-level preparation, your student will be ready for a college-level program. Talk to some of my former students.

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