Beginning Drum Chart Reading

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After teaching the chart reading lab at Berklee College of Music for a few semesters, I was able to identify the most common problems encountered by beginning readers.

Beginning Drum Chart Reading addresses those problems in a simple and logical, yet musical fashion. "Beginning Drum Chart Reading is for the beginning drum chart reader who possesses at least moderate playing skills, who has mastered a few basic time feels (swing, bossa nova, samba, rock), and who has basic knowledge of rhythmic notation.

Beginning Drum Chart Reading explains how to decipher, in a logical yet musical fashion, the sometimes confusing figures on a drum chart or lead sheet. It explains the principles of playing various figures, illustrates these with specific examples for large and small ensembles, and includes practice methods and concentration aids. It stresses throughout the importance of good time, accurate fills and figures, creative time feels, musicality, and improvisation. An appendix of assorted drum charts provides the opportunity to practice and apply this learning. The glossary at the end of this book includes musical terms and common abbreviations. Although experience and keen ears will prove the ultimate aids in learning, a starting point is always necessary.

Beginning Drum Chart Reading leads the beginning reader to making sense of a chart and making music of the sense."

- Gil Graham
"Great explanations and examples of the professional world! Should help beginners as well as working drummers." Hal Blaine - Studio Musician Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Grammy Awards
"More than elementary..." Jim Chapin, Author of Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer
"...ways to intepret note values are extensively covered in funk, latin and swing styles... great deal of written explanation... as though the teacher is actually there..." Percussive Notes Percussive Arts Society
"Excellent addition to the drum set literature... thorough, easily understood, covers all details." John Beck Eastman School of Music Percussive Arts Society
"Best chart reading book I've seen!" Roy Burns Woody Herman, Benny Goodman
"A great text for everyone - actually what happens on the bandstand." Louie Bellson Duke Ellington, Count Basie
" outstanding book - practical, real-life study material written with a high degree of professional insight." Ed Shaughnessy The Tonight Show Band

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